A New Project?

February 18, 2010

I’m not too sure where I found this image, but to me it suggests the universality of the experience of women and  textiles. I saved the image because I would love to translate it to an applique textile sometime soon. I already have most of the fabrics(several blue and white fukata fabrics) I will use and will just need to add some rich red oriental prints. If I do a reasonable job, I will republish the original and my textile version side by side.

Up until recently I have had very few oriental prints in my collection, but will try to add a good variety. I can see doing a series of these woodcut prints in the future!

I think my love for these woodcuts arose from a wonderful book I had access to as a small child – actually a series of three books, depicting through art, poetry and stories life in Japan, France and Holland. These books were published in the 1920’s and I pored over them daily when  I was a preschooler. The images and words were embedded in my mind and it came as a surprise as I matured to find the poetry and images existed outside the pages of these books.

One a local note, it is snowing yet again and I’m happy to have a good suppy of groceries on hand as I’m obviously not going anywhere – oh well, all the more time to work at quiltmaking!

I hope the weather in your part of the world is keeping you happy, as we wait for spring in the Northern Hemisphere. I must look over my seed supply and start thinking about planting.